Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Truth About Password Security

    November 8, 2023

    Think your long, complex passwords are uncrackable? It’s time to rethink your beliefs. In the realm of password security, we’re about to debunk some myths and reveal critical truths.

    Recent research has delivered a stark reality check – even passwords boasting a robust 15 characters can be compromised. That’s right, it’s time to confront a harsh truth: length isn’t always synonymous with strength.

    Unsurprisingly, eight-character passwords are the most compromised, with the infamous “password” topping the ignoble list. But don’t breathe too easy if your password is longer; 15-character ones aren’t immune and even feature in the top ten most compromised lengths.

    You might wonder how this could be possible. The explanation isn’t solely about password length but also hinges on password content and whether you reuse the same password across multiple platforms.

    Notably, the most compromised eight-character password is none other than “password” itself, while the most compromised 15-character password is “Sym_newhireOEIE.” The verdict? It’s far from secure.

    This concern extends beyond individuals; businesses like yours are also at significant risk. A staggering 86% of cyberattacks kick off with pilfered credentials. That’s right, nearly nine out of ten attacks originate from this vulnerability. The question is, can you afford to remain complacent?

    While longer passwords do offer greater resistance to brute force attacks, an eight-character password can be cracked in just five minutes. In contrast, an impeccable 15-character password could withstand a staggering 37 million years of attack – provided it’s genuinely random and doesn’t follow any predictable pattern. Impressive, right?

    But, remember, this is just one piece of the puzzle. Length alone isn’t a silver bullet against stolen credentials through phishing attacks.

    To reinforce your online security, invest in a robust business password manager. Not only does it generate lengthy, intricate passwords, but it also securely stores and auto-fills them.

    Additionally, employ two-factor authentication (2FA) to provide an extra layer of protection. With 2FA, you generate a code on a separate device to validate your identity. Even if cybercriminals crack your password, they’ll still be locked out of your data.

    Don’t take any chances with your digital security. If you require expert guidance to enhance your business’s safeguarding, reach out to us today. Your business’s digital assets deserve the highest level of protection.

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