End of Video Call Pop-Ups: Microsoft's New Feature (Maybe)

    May 29, 2024

    Have you ever been in the middle of a crucial video call, presenting your best work to a potential client, only to be interrupted by a notification that makes you want to crawl under your desk? We’ve all been there. A message from your significant other about a household mishap, a social media alert at the most inopportune moment – embarrassing, right?

    Thankfully, Microsoft seems to be listening to our silent cries (and frantic app-closing attempts). They’re reportedly working on a new feature for Teams that could save us all from these cringeworthy moments: focus mode. Imagine being able to completely hide specific apps while you’re on a video call. No more frantic scrambling to silence notifications or sheepish apologies for a sudden reminder about that dentist appointment.

    This wouldn’t just be a social savior, it’s a potential productivity powerhouse. According to reports, Microsoft’s new feature would completely hide apps, instead of just minimizing them like the current workaround. Not only does it spare you from any unexpected surprises, it aims to free up valuable computing resources. This could translate to smoother video calls, especially for those with less powerful machines. No more dropped frames or lag because a social media app is running wild in the background.

    If you’ve ever found yourself frantically closing apps and browser windows to ensure a smooth video stream, this could be the end of that struggle. With the new feature, you can focus on what truly matters during your calls without worrying about technical hiccups or embarrassing distractions.

    While we’re excited about the potential of this new feature, we’ll have to wait and see if it becomes a reality. We’re eagerly awaiting official updates on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and will keep you posted.

    Even without the magic of focus mode, there are things you can do to ensure smooth and professional video calls. We specialize in helping businesses optimize their video conferencing setup. If we can help your business’s video calls run more smoothly, get in touch.

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