We are often asked if we can guarantee hacking protection. Usually, the answer is “no.” Unfortunately, no company can ensure that a business will be 100% free from hacking.

Think about it this way. First, let’s say you put a bunch of security measurements into your home. If a burglar wants to get into the house, he can do it. You can make it harder for them so that it takes them longer to break in.

Your goal is to deter them and keep them occupied as long as possible, so they eventually give up. Most hackers want to get in, find something, and get right back out. If it takes more than five or ten minutes, that may be enough deterrence for them to move on.

That is where we come in. We put enough barriers for the company to hold off the majority of attacks. But if an entity or organization wants access to your system and has enough time and resources, they will find a way.

I know that’s not what we want to hear, but this is reality. Most breaches happen via human error. So there is no way you can protect your company 100%. The idea is to set as many hurdles as possible to deter most hackers.

You need to know where you are now and where you want to be. Then, we can ask you the right questions and help you find the sweet spot and best solutions for your business. We are happy to answer your cybersecurity question.

What Our Clients Say:

  • “I wish I would have called Gallico sooner because he came on-site and fixed my email issue immediately.”
  • “Gallico did a wonderful job getting our production company setup with an editing server. He was able to do the install in a timely manner and train us how to use it. Will be using him again in the future for sure.”
  • “Have used IT guys before and it was, “Maybe it is this. No, let me check this.” Not with TopMac. Knew exactly everything. No fumbling, no guessing. Very knowledgeable. Fast and efficient.”
  • “Wonderful experience with this company. Very efficient and experienced! My husband and I were so happy to have found them for all our IT needs.”

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