Purchasing a server for the office?

December 2, 2021

The server, Windows or Mac, is probably the core piece of every business. It is used for managing file services, web services, and a bunch of other services. We often see businesses that didn’t quite get the right services for their needs, or didn’t purchase a warranty in trying to be frugal.

When you purchase a server, you want to make sure you buy a good brand. For example, Dell, Lenovo, or HP are good brands. Stay away from unknown brands and make sure you choose your hardware for the long term. The average lifespan of a server is around five to seven years. Microsoft supports their servers for ten years.

You want to make sure you buy hardware that will be compatible with your company growing in the next three to five years. Don’t buy cheap now and then try to add or improve that or upgrade later. We tend to encounter many problems when trying to expand or upgrade servers.

You also don’t want to be frugal on the service. You need to buy the extended warranty and service on site next business day or same business day. Most companies will offer extended warranty and next day or same day business service on site. On site is important. You don’t want to send your server away and be down for more than a day.

Make sure you budget correctly so you buy the right hardware, the extended warranty, and on site service. Consult an IT professional when building your server that can guide you in selecting the specs and services you need. Schedule a call with us.

What Our Clients Say:

  • “I wish I would have called Gallico sooner because he came on-site and fixed my email issue immediately.”
  • “Gallico did a wonderful job getting our production company setup with an editing server. He was able to do the install in a timely manner and train us how to use it. Will be using him again in the future for sure.”
  • “Have used IT guys before and it was, “Maybe it is this. No, let me check this.” Not with TopMac. Knew exactly everything. No fumbling, no guessing. Very knowledgeable. Fast and efficient.”
  • “Wonderful experience with this company. Very efficient and experienced! My husband and I were so happy to have found them for all our IT needs.”

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