Windows 11 or Pay? Upgrade Roadmap for a Secure Future

    January 31, 2024

    Windows 10’s sunset is on the horizon. Microsoft has announced that starting on October 14, 2025, they will no longer provide free support and security updates for their beloved operating system, leaving some businesses with crucial decisions to make.

    Why pay for upgrades?

    By 2025, Windows 10 will be a decade old. Technology evolves rapidly, and Microsoft has already introduced Windows 11, with Windows 12 likely on the horizon. Maintaining support for multiple outdated operating systems is a resource-intensive task, even for a giant like Microsoft.

    With the deadline approaching, three main paths emerge for businesses. Here are your three options:

    1. Embrace the Future with Windows 11

    Microsoft’s recommended choice is to make the switch. Windows 11 offers a sleek interface, performance improvements, and enhanced security features. You will have free updates until its end of life. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your system is protected and benefit from new features as they roll out.

    2. Stick with Windows 10 (With a Price Tag)

    Opting to stay with Windows 10 means you maintain current workflows and avoid potential software compatibility issues. However, you will need to prepare for paid security updates. Microsoft will offer paid security updates for Windows 10 after 2025, but the exact cost and subscription model are still unclear.

    3. The Risky Road: Hold On to Windows 10, Unpatched

    Free, but at what cost? This option might seem tempting, but it’s strongly discouraged. Unpatched systems become vulnerable to cyberattacks and security breaches, putting your business and data at risk. Even tech experts will have limited options to assist with unpatched Windows 10 systems due to lack of official Microsoft support.

    While 2025 may seem far off, proactive planning is key. Consider your business needs, budget, and software compatibility before making a decision.

    Ready to Upgrade? We’re Here to Help!

    Whether you’re considering Windows 11 or exploring other options, our team is here to guide you through the transition. We can help with data migration, software compatibility checks, and deployment strategies to ensure a smooth and efficient upgrade process.

    Don’t let the Windows 10 sunset catch you unprepared. Start the conversation with us today and prepare your business for a secure and successful future.

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