We are here to help educate your employees on how to be aware of cybercrime, how to recognize, identify and avoid it, and what to do in the event of an attack.

We also have training for change management when you’ve made changes to your technology systems. We can help you and your employees become savvy technology users, adding an essential layer of protection for your technology and data assets. Our workshops and training can be a valuable investment for your business, as we can help to improve efficiency, security, collaboration, innovation, customer service, and cost savings. See our training options below.

Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees on how to be aware of cybercrime, how to recognize and identify it, what to look for, how to avoid it, and the measures to take in case of a suspicious activity or an attack. Security awareness training is educating and informing your employees about potential security threats and how to protect sensitive company information. The goal is to create a security culture within your organization and empower employees to be vigilant in detecting and preventing security breaches.

Our training covers identifying phishing scams, creating strong passwords, protecting personal information, and understanding company policies and procedures for handling sensitive information. It can be delivered in various forms, such as an online course, classroom training, or interactive workshops.

We can also schedule regular refresher courses to ensure that the information is up to date and review important information with your employees. Additionally, we can include simulated phishing attacks to test everyone’s ability to spot malicious emails.

This training is crucial in today’s digital age, where cybercrime is a constant threat. As a result, you need to take proactive measures to protect your assets and customer data.

Change Management

Change management is critical in the office; it helps you avoid frustration with or misuse new technology. With this in mind, we offer training to enable your staff to understand and utilize your new systems and get the most out of them. We will come to your office and help make the transition smooth and efficient, making your investments worthwhile.

This training typically covers topics such as:

  • Identifying the need for change
  • Developing a plan for change
  • Communicating the changes
  • Training and supporting individuals and teams
  • Implementing the change
  • Evaluating the outcome

We will cover the specific technologies and systems your organization is using, including hardware, software, network infrastructure, and security systems. We’ll also discuss risk management, testing, and quality assurance to ensure that the new technology is functioning as intended before it is implemented.

We can provide in-person training as well as online courses and workshops. The training should include IT professionals, project managers, and other individuals responsible for managing and using your business’s technology.

This training can be a critical aspect of managing your organization’s technology infrastructure, as it helps individuals and teams effectively navigate the complexities of technology change and achieve their desired outcomes.

ll come to your office and help make the entire transition smooth and efficient, making your investments worthwhile.

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